Can't I Just Do Social Media Myself?

Can’t I Just Do Social Media Myself?

Well, the short answer is yes, you CAN do it yourself. The bigger question is: do you have the time? And if you’re serious about running all aspects of your business to their fullest potential—then your answer should be: no.

Social Media is not just Facebook. It’s several different platforms all working together to reach your customers on a personal level. The main reason people use social media is for entertainment. Just like TV. Yes, you may learn something on each of these mediums, but you’re main reason for tuning in is to be entertained. Just think to monumental television series occasions- perhaps the final episode of MASH- tears were shed by everyone watching because they felt a personal connection to each of the characters. Social Media can help you build that personal connection.

Everyone in the world wants the same thing: happiness. If you can make your customer laugh, even just for a moment, you can keep them forever. Social media allows you to make your fans laugh, learn and enjoy themselves and lets your company become not just a vendor but their friend. For businesses, it’s not about just having a page out there with a few followers- or even thousands of followers. If you’re not managing it on a day to day basis, staying engaged with your customers, making them laugh or understand your company’s personality and products, then you might as well send every check to your competition.

Many businesses have the luxury of having someone to do this on staff. But the majority of businesses, just can’t afford the type of upkeep and creative ingenuity that successful social media campaigns require. That’s why it’s important to find someone who can. There are lots of businesses out there that focus on just social media. But, it’s more important to have a company that sees the big picture.

There is no doubt about it. Social Media is here to stay and is one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy. Building your business is no longer just advertising or counting coupons, it’s promoting your business through all means available. We all learned early on that repetition is the name of the game in advertising. A company that can do more than just social media, that keeps the big picture in mind will help you devise a plan that reaches your customers in social media, broadcast, print, community involvement and so much more.