Make your company stand out with Content Marketing.

What the heck is Content Marketing?

There is a lot of buzz these days about Content Marketing. But, what exactly does that mean? And is it right for your business?

Content Marketing is about building a personality for your business, engaging your customers on a more personal level and getting away from the old-fashioned model of selling. It is developing your brand’s social media and website outlets as a place your audience will want to come back to time and again. Content Marketing requires a lot of creativity and must have long legs- in other words, it should provide you with a potentially endless amount of content.

One of the first Content Marketing tools that became widely popular and has practically “jumped the shark” is Throwback Thursday. If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, than you’re not paying enough attention to Social Media. It’s time to tune in! Throwback Thursday is where a business or person posts pictures, articles, old logos, etcetera on Thursday from years ago. When you have an audience that already loves your brand, they find amusement in strolling down memory lane with you. And although this tool has become a bit overused, it is an easy first attempt for small businesses to test the waters of content marketing on their own.

But, what if you’re a new business? You don’t have old photos, logos, articles or anything regarding your brand to post. Well, corporations are not just widgets and services, they are the people who produce them. This could be your best opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition on a personal level. It’s no secret that people do business with their friends. So if, they’re still not familiar with your brand- make them your friend first and then share your brand. And social media is the perfect tool to develop that relationship. Everyone wants to be happy and if you can make your client happy if only for a moment with a laugh you will set a perfect platform for a long term relationship. Share some funny old photos of yourself or your employees (with their permission, of course) and watch how quickly people will identify with you on a personal level. That is where your business magically transforms from a corporation trying to sell something into a friend who wants to make you happy.

In this age of social media, no one wants to be sold. Social Media has practically replaced the way people look for entertainment. Gone are the days of vegging on the couch watching tv. Content Marketing doesn’t have to be #TT (Throwback Thursday)- it can be anything you can think of. Get creative! What do your customers like? Why do they choose you? Why do they choose your competition? Seek inspiration everywhere and not just in the office. Start making friends with your audience and they will be your customers!

Submitted by Amanda Kennedy-Colie, Marketing Strategist with Strand Media Group