I remember when my elementary school got its first computer.  It was this giant white machine that lived in the library and maybe once a year they’d let all us kids gather round it to gaze at the green writing on the black screen in wonder.  I have no recollection of what was on the screen, or what they were trying to teach us.  But, I do remember that that machine was to one day replace all the books in that library.  That we would be a paperless society by the time we were grown.  I could just imagine us walking around in our silver jump suits, eating our food pills and doing everything seemingly by magic- with no paper in sight.

Well, just like the flying cars they promised my mother she’d be driving by the 1980’s, that little prophecy as certainly not come to fruition.  I’d find it hard to believe that you can glance around you right now and not find one piece of printed material.  It’s all around us!

Direct mail, newspapers, magazines, books, brochures, even calendars….THEY ARE STILL HERE, PEOPLE!!

I’m often dumbfounded when I speak with business owners who claim all of their business is coming entirely from the web or social media.  If that is so, then they are missing out on a whole lot of potential customers!  What’s the old saying…  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket? It’s an old saying that is tried and true because it is, in fact, tried and true.  You’ve got to spread your marketing around and not just rely on one medium to tell your story.

How many times a day do you “x” out that annoying ad that pops up when you’re trying to read a very important article on Kim & Kanye’s baby?  How many times do you watch the seconds counting down on an ad until you’re able to skip past it to get to get back to your game of Words with Friends?  I’m betting EVERY TIME!!  Or maybe it’s just me.  Maybe everyone else is sitting idly by enjoying each and every pop up ad and news feed filler on their Facebook feed and responding joyously with a “Yes, please sell me more junk I don’t need!”

Even on TV, we’re able to record our shows so passively with our DVR and then watch them at our convenience. We speed past the commercials, not hearing one ounce of what the businesses have spent loads of money on to try to sell you.

So why as a business owner would you not want to reach your customers on as many levels as possible?

Print is the only medium that is static, tangible and long lasting.  It has actual shelf life.  People really do leave a magazine on a coffee table.  They really do hang on to a magazine because of an interesting article or simply because it is beautiful.  When you go to the dentist, the doctor, or any waiting room….aren’t there magazines, newspapers and/or brochures there for your enjoyment?  When you receive a hand written letter in the mail, aren’t you excited to see who it is from?  I’m betting far more excited than your email inbox.

We are human beings.  We love to see, smell, and feel our surroundings.  When your battery dies or the electricity goes out…your book is still there ready to entertain.  It never runs out of energy. So no, print is not dead.

Submitted by: Amanda Kennedy-Colie, Marketing Strategist